Advicon Imaging

Seeing Beyond the Surface

Advicon Imaging is an independent, privately-owned radiology service provider based in Sydney. Operated by a team of highly skilled radiologists and technical staff with years of experience, we are committed to offering excellent patient care through our value-driven services.

A Team of Highly Skilled Professionals

Our team consists of seasoned radiologists and technical staff who utilise their wealth of experience to deliver top-tier radiology services. We pride ourselves on our proficiency and dedication to improving patient health outcomes.

Our Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Services

At Advicon Imaging, we have equipped our facilities with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic imaging technology. We aim to provide comprehensive, accurate, and patient-focused services that allow for in-depth insights into patient health.

Excellence in Patient Care

Every patient, every time – this is our commitment. We strive to create a safe and convenient environment for all our patients, ensuring they feel comfortable and well cared for during their time with us. Our dedication to provision of top-tier diagnostic and interventional radiology services ensures we meet and exceed patient expectations.

Our Commitment to Value-Driven Services

Advicon Imaging was established to offer value-driven diagnostic imaging services. The vast majority of our services are bulk-billed for Medicare eligible patients, ensuring access to necessary healthcare resources without compromising quality.