CT scan

Detailed Imaging for Accurate Diagnosis

Description of the CT Scan

Our state-of-the-art CT scanner employs low-level x-ray radiation in conjunction with computer technology to create detailed cross-sectional images of specific areas of the body. This technology assists in accurate diagnosis and in guiding therapeutic procedures. Most scans are quick and pain-free.

Information Required at Booking

When booking your CT scan, please inform us if any of the following apply to you:

Preparation for the CT Scan

The majority of CT scans do not require specific preparation. However, for some scans, you may be asked to fast or drink water/oral contrast prior to the examination. We will provide advice regarding these requirements at the time of booking. Upon arrival, you may need to complete a contrast injection form. Please arrive at your appointment time, or at the time instructed when booking.

What to Bring to Your Appointment

Please bring the following to your appointment:

During the

During the scan, you will lie on the CT scanner table, which moves in and out of the machine to capture images. You may be asked to hold your breath for a few seconds or follow specific respiratory instructions during the scan. Our highly qualified CT radiographers and staff will monitor you throughout the scan.

Side Effects

Side effects are rare but can occur after IV contrast administration. You may experience a metallic taste, a warm flush, or transient nausea. Allergic reactions are uncommon.

The results of your scan will be forwarded to your clinician.


This service is offered at the following locations:

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